Hot Tub Filters

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Wellis CityLine Filters

For all 2018 CityLine models (Malaga, Palermo, Elbrus, Marbella, Manhattan and Acapulco)


Wellis PeakLine Filters

For all 2018 PeakLine models (Olympus, EveRest, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus 230, Discovery and Explorer) as well as older versions of these Hot Tubs


Wellis MyLine/Therapy Spa Filters

For current MyLine models (Sun, Sun Family, Mars, Titan, Pearl II,Earth, Pluto, Jupiter, Malaga Plug and Play, Mercury, and Saturn) as well as previous Malaga, New Yorker and Palermo tubs.


Micro Eco Pur Single Filter

Single Set includes: 
1 x New Down East/ AMS Micro Filter with Microban 
1 x Eco Pur Cartridge 
Suits Master Spas Legend series, Down East Spas, Ocean Spas and Aegean AMS series.


Master Spas Micro Microban

Master Spas micro filter with Microban , Free Flow technology and Pleat straps for optimum flow and filtration. Super quality latest design and the only factory approved Master Spas filter replacing all previous Master Spas filters and Down East Spa filters and the twin 2007/2008 Macro/DLF Insert system. Pre 2004 models need to fit a Filter Conversion Pack. Also suits Aegean Master Spas AMS Spas series and Ocean Spas Series. All Master Spas Micro filters now feature Microban and have the correct mesh size and surface area to suit Master Spa system use of fake or Chinese filters invalidates Master Spas warranties as they cause flow and pressure problems as well as easily braking down damaging equipment and blocking plumbing. The Master Micro filter is used in combination with the patented Eco Pur filter.


Master Spas Eco Pur Cartridge

Genuine Master Spas patented purifying Eco Pur mineral cartridge. This product contains active ingredients. Suits Master Spas Legend series, Down East Spas, Ocean Spas and Aegean AMS series. Replace at 6-month intervals as minerals loose potency. Dramatically reduces chlorine use and with an active ozone chip, non chlorine shock and Swirl Away treatment offers UK lowest chlorine system. Rinse under water to clean. Do not use Filter Brite or Bromine with Eco Pur cartridges. Beware of copies that claim to be Eco Pur and are not, if the Eco Pur cartridge does not come in a sealed Eco Pur box, by Master Spas, it is a fake, will not work or filter your spa correctly. Fake Eco Pur cartridges are not the right size or mesh type, restrict flow and can damage both your plumbing system and equipment, use of non Eco Pur filters or an approved substitute, ( available on this site) invalidate your spas warranty.


Twilight 120/240 Filter

Genuine Twilight Corner Spa filters. Specially designed for the pump and plumbing of the Twilight Corner spa, use of any other filter invalidates the warranty.  Replaces Eco Pur version.


Master Spas Micro Eco Pur Double Filter

Single Set includes: 
2 x New Banded Master Spas / Down East Micro Filter with Microban 
2 X Master Spas Eco PurTM Cartridge 
Suits Master Spas Legend series, Down East Spas, Ocean Spas and Aegean AMS series.


Down East Filter 2011 onwards

From 2010 onwards the Down East range was given a new style 2-in-1 filter with the Eco Pur on top, Total height is 37cm including handle.


Filter Standpipe

Convert your 2003 Master Spa to take the newer style ‘standpipe’ design standard filters. Screw top also required.


Filter Standpipe Screw Top

Convert your 2003 Master Spa to take the newer style ‘standpipe’ design standard filters. Standpipe also required.


Healthy Living Filter

Genuine Replacement Filter 
Outside Diameter: 5″ 
Length: 13″ 
Single Pleatco cartridge with free flow core and Remay elements along with Eco Pur upper filter. 


H2X / Michael Phelps Filter Set

1 x Eco Pur Cartridge and 1 x Microban Cartridge. 
NEW Filter cartridge system for the H2X and H2X Cross Trainer/ Impact, Signature, Force. This new filter set comprises of two filters, one of which is a patented Eco Pur Purifying Mineral Cartridge and the other a Microban Anti Bacterial Filter Cartridge. As the Eco Pur filter starts to lose its purifying potency after 6 months of use we recommend for optimum performance that a new set of filters are fitted every 6 months to an H2X, although elements will function as filters for much longer than this with regular cleaning. ***Just rinse or jet clean the Eco Pur filter the under water to clean, do not use filters cleaners such as Immerse or Filter Brite with Eco Pur cartridges***


Twilight / Michael Phelps Legend Hot Tub Microban Outer Filter

Outer Microban filters for use with patented Eco Pur two-stage filter system on Twilight Spa with 2 pumps. Twilight 6.2, 7.2 and 7.25 and all of the Twilight 8 Series and  Michael Phelps Legend 7,8 9


Twilight / Michael Phelps Legend Hot Tub Eco Pur Inner Filter

Unique patented Eco Pur mineral filter to suit twin filter combination in the following Twilight Spas 
2 Hydro Massage Pump Models in 
6 Series, 7 Series and 8 Series. 
Michael Phelps Legend 7, 8 or 9 models


Twilight / Michael Phelps Legend Microban Filter

Solid Microban Filter to suit following 1 Pump Twilight Models. 6.1 and 7.1 Also 6.2, 7.2 and all 8 series models. Michael Phelps Legend 7,8 9 
These are patented banded filters with the correct flow rate and mesh size and use of any other type or make of filter invalidates your Twilight Spas warranty.



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