Hot tub Electrics

Electrical requirements for a 13A Plug & Play hot tub

All of our 13amp Plug and Play hot tubs require the customer to provide a cable with fitted plug long enough to reach the middle of any of the 4 sides of the spa. Your electrics must be RCD protected.


Please make sure you have a fixed external 13 amp socket that your cable will reach.


If you cannot provide this external socket in time, please provide a 13amp extension reel that we can use on the day to commission the spa. It is important that you get a proper external socket installed soon after and before use.


Qualified Electrician (call Daniel Willment on 07534 998859 for a free quotation)


Electrical requirements for a 32A hot tub

Your spa requires a 32A RCD protected supply before we can install and commission your spa. The electric supply must be installed by a qualified electrician who will issue you with a ‘Part P’ certificate when the work has been completed. Our engineers will request to see the Part P certificate on arrival or you can email us a copy. You will require a 32A C-type breaker installing in your home distribution board and a 6mm armoured cable running from the supply to an external rotary isolator fixed 2 metres away from the spa. Out of the isolator, you must install NO THICKER than a 4mm thick cable that is at least 5 metres long. Our engineers will use that cable to connect to the spa

N.B. The hot tub is not fitted with a cable or plug. Your electrician will need to leave a tail of 3 core 4mm armoured cable, connected to an isolator switch long enough to go from the isolator switch, around the tub to any of the 4 sides as control panel may not be on side of touchpad. The installation team will NOT fit a cable into an isolator switch or consumer unit under any circumstances, please do not ask them to do this.