Hot Tub Covers From Aqua Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs covers from Aqua Hot Tubs.  A solid cover will help keep your hot tub secure and protected, so it is wise to ensure yours stays in the best condition possible

Covers can be damaged by excessive chemical exposure and mishandling, which can harm the seams or stitching. Any damage, or signs that it is retaining water, will make the cover inefficient in keeping in heat and will cost you more money to run your hot tub.

We recommend covers are renewed every two years – depending on usage – to ensure your hot tub stays completely protected.

Aqua Hot Tubs sell replacement hot tub covers for all brands of hot tubs and swim spas. Prices start from £399, including UK delivery and VAT. We can order a new cover for delivery in 10 days for £25 extra.

Made to very high standards, our hot tub covers include:

Gain-effect vinyl cover and skirt
Child safety locks
Central insulation sleeve
High density polystyrene EPS 100 foam, up to 4 inches thick
Polyester mesh inner
Polythene-wrapped polystyrene infill and metal galvanised support
Heavy duty zip

We sell replacement hot tub covers for most brands of hot tubs and swim spas including: Hotspring, Golf Coast, Sundance Spas, Master Spas, Artic Spas, Hydropool, Beachcomber, LA Spas, Dimension One, Spaform, Coleman, Catalina, Cal Spas, Jacuzzi, Caldera Spas, Diamante Spas, Artesian, Vita Spas, Hydro Spas.

Hot Tub Cover Colours

Our hot tub covers come in a wide variety of colours to suit any home or garden

Hot Tub Measuring Guide

Remember: The majority of our hot tubs covers are made bespoke for you, so you will need to provide us with measurements when you contact us for a quote. Ideally, you should measure the exact dimensions from our old cover, including the radius, to give the best fit and insulation

We have listed the most popular shapes as a guide to show the dimensions required to make a bespoke cover. The majority of covers are square or rectangular with a radius.

Measuring the radius

The radius measurement is the distance between the corner of the cover to the beginning of the curve.

Take a standard framing square and place it in the corner of the cover and then measure the from the inside corner of the square to the point where the curve begins.

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