Hot Tub Comparison help

This page is based around tables seen on a PC screen, the functionality exists on mobile but is limited in the number of columns, filters and export buttons

Re-Order any Column by clicking on up/down arrows on each of the headings.  As example, to see Hot Tubs in ascending length, click on the length header 

Now we can see the hot tubs ordered from smallest in length, click again to see in descending order

Compare multiple Hot Tubs by using the Filter boxes.  As an example, if you would like to see all the tubs with 5 seats then use the Seats filter box to select the value.

Now all the Hot Tubs with 5 seats are displayed.

But maybe you would also like to see how many of those have recliners and how many.  Again click on the Recliners header to show the Hot Tubs, selected by the filter, In order of number of recliners. Or use the Recliner filter to just show the number you want, let’s say 1.  As we have two filters (Seats and Recliners) you can compare all the tubs that meet the 5 seats/1 recliner criteria.

Filtered values can be added to as well. If you want to see all Hot Tubs with 4 seats as well as 5 Seats but still with the single recliner, click on the Seats Filter box again and add the new value.

Now we see that we have Hot Tubs that have 4 or 5 seats but a single recliner

Remember to click on the Seats Header to order the results to see all 4 seat and all 5 seat Hot Tubs grouped together.

Selected filter values can also be removed. So should you now only want to see the Hot Tubs with 4 seats (and single recliner still) then hover over the unwanted value underneath the Seats Filter box and then click on the value to remove.

Now we can see just the Hot Tubs with 4 seats and 1 recliner

As well as refining your comparisons with the re-ordering and filtering, the standard navigation tools are available.  So you can choose to increase the number of Hot Tubs displayed by changing the “Show Entries” box at the top of the table. Navigate the pages with the Previous/Next buttons at the bottom.  Or Search for Hot Tubs to show only the ones meeting your criteria, as example all Hot Tubs with “A7” in the name.

Extended features include the Export buttons and “View” buttons. 

From the top row of buttons, choose your required output from Copy, Excel, PDF or print.

All buttons will act on any ordering, filtering or searches results currently displayed.  For example, after filtering 4 hot tubs are displayed.  Click on Copy and then go to your preferred application to paste the comparison data.

Click on Excel and a new Microsoft Excel document with be created and downloaded for you. 

The same for PDF

Or click on Print to print as you would with any other document.

The View buttons on the end of each row of Hot Tub information is a link to our individual page for that Hot Tub.

Simply click on the link to be taken to the Hot tub page, as an Example the Kilimanjaro from the above filter results.  On these pages you will see more information on the selected hot tub.