User Friendly Tech

AquaSoul PRO™ Sound Systems

The Wellis AquaSoul PRO™ sound system features the newly developed, top quality waterproof elements from PolyPlanar.
You no longer need to bother with CDs, MP3 players or any other cable connected devices because the built-in receiver has a Bluetooth connection so paired up with your mobile phone or tablet and controlled from the spa’s main control panel.

Depending on the Hot Tub or Swim Spa the following systems are fitted as standard or as an option

– 4-channel amplifier with a Bluetooth receiver
– Subwoofer (120 W)
– 2 pop-up speakers (50 W each)
– 2 rim speakers (35 W each)

– 4-channel amplifier with a Bluetooth receiver
– Subwoofer (120 W)
– 2 surface speakers (35 W each)

– 4-channel amplifier with a Bluetooth receiver
– Subwoofer (120 W)
– 2 pop-up speakers (50 W each)

SmartTouch Control Panel

Wellis spa control panels make easy work of controlling all the functions in your Spa. A large screen displays the bathing temperature, and simple fingertip touch pads allow easy adjustment of all the spa’s features including temperature, jets, lighting and sound.

Their controller systems for the spa and hot tub industry are recognised as leaders for innovation, ease of use and reliability.

Every spa model is equipped with the latest generation of solid-state panels and controllers which have no moving parts to ensure our spas are super reliable, dependable and easy to operate.

In.Touch Smart Phone App

Control your spa remotely while at home or on the go! The new smartphone app works with both iPhones, iPads and Android Phones and Tablets

The smartphone application is a brand new development for Wellis spas. Immediate access and remote control; you can access the control system of your Wellis spa any time from anywhere. You can set the water temperature and circulation and you can even check the current status of the spa.

Get your Spa ready for when you get home from work and unwind immediately or control your holiday home’s spa on the journey down.

Thermal Covers and Cover Lifters

Thermal Covers
Wellis manufacturers all their own covers to ensure consistent quality and the highest level of thermal insulation effectiveness. This helps to keep our customer’s energy costs to a minimum. The covers include features like a full length hinge buffer seal, internal vapour seal, and a marine grade UV resistant outer cover. the top surface slopes like a house roof so that rain can easily run off. The covers are available in six colours.

XTREME™ Winter Covers
The Xtreme™ cover is for extreme winter climates where the temperature is often below zero. It’s extra thickness (180mm at the centre) increases its insulation properties as well as adding strength to cope with high snow loads. not recommended for more temperate climates.

Universal Thermal Cover Lifting Device
The thermal cover folds around this frame and cantilevers over the rear edge of the spa, very easy operation whatever the size or weight of the cover – particularly suitable for the more bulky Wellis Xtreme™ thermal cover.