Wellis Info Hub

Great User Friendly Technology

Wellis provide a lot of great user-friendly technology allowing you get the best out of your hot tub.  


Find out more about the Wellis technology used to make your Hot Tub experience relaxing and beneficial, from the Jets to Aromatherapy.

Wellis spas combine the latest technical innovations with exceptional style. Their experts draw upon the experience of ancient eastern massage culture, coupled with the science of modern hydrotherapy. The specially designed adjustable warm water jets direct deep tissue hydro-massage to specific points of the body’s muscle-skeletal system. Enjoying a Willis spa on a daily basis will bring many therapeutic benefits that include; promoting rapid healing of tressed or damaged muscles, relieving back and spine pain, and enjoying a deep and restful nights sleep.

Energy, Efficiency & Cleansing

Wellis’ quality is continuously benchmarked against the highest German production Standards under the TÜV certification protocol that they subscribe to. This ensures Wellis constantly meet and exceed all relevant International quality standards.

Their energy efficient pumps and jets provide clean water using 21st Century Technology so you can relax in your tub without concern for the environment.