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Energy, Efficiency & Cleansing

The Cabinets

WPS Cabinet Frame

Immortality for the spa cabinet`s frame!
The special polymer ensures exceptional stability and life for the Spa’s structural frame – protecting and extending the life of your investment even further.


The StarSide cabinet is made from laid, thick-lath, wood-effect units and vacuum-formed plastic ABS cornerpieces. The RGB LED lighting built into the cornerpiece acts in conjunction with the mood-lighting on the inside of the spa.


The HorizontSide™ cabinet is made from horizontally laid, thick-lath, wood-effect units on the sides, and vertical
thin cabinet panels on the corners.

POLI-MAX™ Reinforcement

The Wellis spa shell is a technological triumph, they have developed an entirely eco-neutral Acrylic/Abs/polymer laminate system that results in a stronger, lighter, more stable, eco-friendly and ultimately biodegradable product. It even self-insulates for both heat and sound, significantly lowering running costs as well as making our spas probably the quietest as well as safest for your family you can buy.

POLYFOAM Insulation

Effective insulation is extremely important for hot tubs in order to reduce running costs to a minimum. The triple “Reflective Thermal Barrier” (RTB ) insulation utilizes thermal gains from the spa’s equipment, collecting any waste heat energy and reflecting it back into the plumbing and shell, whilst keeping out the colder outer air.

The RTB system has been integrated into the Thermal Spa covers which also have a special reflective foil coating beneath them to bounce rising heat back into the spa water. This integrated energy management system means Wellis Spas are exceptionally economical to own.

Many spa manufacturers still use discredited spray foam insulation whilst, a few still mount the spa equipment, actually outside the spa cabinet, beneath the steps. These old legacy systems are both outdated as well as expensive to run and damaging to our environment.

Reinforced Moulded ABS Floor Pan

The insulated one-piece moulded floor pan forms the foundation upon which we build our spas. The pan sides extend upwards and form a moisture and insect proof barrier to protect the spas structure from the detrimental effects of damp ground.
Our reflective barrier insulation system extends across the floor pan to prevent valuable waste heat being drawn through the base by the “cold sink effect” that is created by damp ground.

UV-C Light Sanitisation

SpectraLight bombards passing water flow with high-intensity UV-C germicidal light rays

UV-C water sanitization brings the latest cutting-edge advances in UV-C water treatment technology to domestic Spas. This water treatment is hypo-allergenic and practicably 100% effective in destroying bacteria, viruses and water born contaminants. Using just a tiny amount of power, it will silently, safely, and automatically treat the entire spa bathing water, many times each day, ensuring crystal clear, natural quality bathing water for you and your family, whilst minimizing the use of additional sanitisers.

– Ensures fresh, clean and clear water
– Disinfects water efficiently and safely
– Bound chlorine is broken down by UV-C light
– Protects your water from germs
– Can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals by up to 80%
– Prevents the smell of chlorine and avoids irritation of the skin and eyes (red eyes)
– The lamp has a UV-C output of 11 Watt
– Simple maintenance

Heat Loss and Energy Consumption

Minimal Heat Loss in all Weather Conditions

Wellis spas earned excellent results on heat map tests. The temperature of the water in the spa in the picture is 35 °C, while that of the outer covering and the thermal
cover is merely 4 °C.  At the same time, the outdoor temperature is -5 °C.

Our quality is continuously benchmarked against the highest German production Standards under the TÜV certification protocol that we subscribe to. This ensures we constantly meet and exceed all relevant international quality standards.  We are proud of this commitment to excellence and the clear differentiation from our market competitors that it affords us. Our TÜV certificate guarantees that our products are of excellent quality, and are regularly and independently monitored to meet and exceed the highest manufacturing standards. The CE label on all our products reassures our customers that the design and build meets
or exceeds all relevant EU standards.

We fit the Laing low energy eco circulation pump as standard equipment to most of our spas, and as an added cost option to some others. With its very low power consumption (around 40% less than a typical circulation pump) and almost silent running this pump can provide significant savings off the spas overall running costs.  Energy consumption test for spas with double hydro-motor and LAING circulation pump:
Half an hour of usage outdoors, in the winter only costs around 18p.

Water Purification

All Wellis spas use a multi-stage filtration and sanitation system that ensures crystal clear, safe bathing water with the minimum of user input. The process starts with our special antimicrobial cartridge filters. Once the spa water has been filtered it passes through the heater and then the eco-circulation pump. Next, it is passed through UV-C water sanitizer lamp. Or you can also equip your spa with automatic chemical dosing systems.