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Advanced Spaquilt Insulation

Our Advanced Spaquilt Insulation offers our users one of the most efficient running hot tubs with optimal heat retention in the market. Built for the most extreme of conditions that Scotland has to offer. Our Advanced Spaquilt Insulation uses the heat generated from the pumps to keep your hot tub warm, reflecting this heat back into the spa whilst keeping out the colder outer air. This ultimately reduces your running costs so you can sit back and relax for years to come.

Build Quality

We manufacture our range of spas to be long lasting and also be maintenance free. All of our hot tubs come complete with a stainless steel structure and ABS base. We use American Aristech Acrylic who are the world leader in hot tub acrylics. Internal pipework is also glued and clipped to ensure your spa does not leak and withstands heavy usage. You can have total ease that your new spa comes complete with some of the best components available.

Energy, Efficiency & Cleansing

Neck / Shoulder Jets

Imagine having your own personal masseuse but in your hot tub, our luxury hydrotherapy neck and shoulder massage jets are fantastic and relieving tension and muscle tightness. Perfect for customers who suffer from neck pain, shoulder pains and headaches.  Warm water combined with our jets relaxes your muscles and will leave you feeling refreshed and stress free.

Advanced Ultimate Massagers

A regular foot massage along with reflexology helps in promoting physiological as well as physical health. A foot massage treats pains and aches such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, lower and upper backaches.

Leg / Thigh Jets

It’s common that at the end of a long day, leg muscles ache. With our hydrotherapy leg and calf jets, you can soothe and relax tired and aching muscles. These jets are perfect for people who are active including cyclists and runners. Calf jets can also help with joint mobilisation, muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration and improved circulation.