Hot Tub and Swim Spa Moves

*** All Hot Tub moves are performed by Mega Spas and not Aqua Hot Tubs.  Once you have contracted Mega Spas, Aqua Hot Tubs accept no responsibility for any damage or issues however unlikely ***

Hot Tub moves by Mega Spa

This service is handled by Mega Spa ( Tel: 07817 140742

Moving house? Purchased a hot tub from E-bay? Bought online or bought a hot tub from Costco? Then why not let Mega Spa take the hassle out of moving your Hot Tub?

Mega Spa offers a reliable and efficient Hot Tub and Spa relocation service, which can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Our relocation teams are experienced in the moving and positioning of hot tubs, and will safely move your tub to a new location.

What vehicle will be used to transport my hot tub?
Mega Spa has a fleet of flatbed transit vehicles, ideal for the transportation of Hot Tubs.

How many men will be supplied to complete the move?
Mega Spa will supply 2 men with the expertise to quickly and safely move your tub (we have goods-in-transit insurance) for tubs up to 7 feet square. Larger tubs that are
8-foot square requires 3 men.

How will my hot tub be moved?
Your hot tub will be moved onto its end, and placed on a special trolley (see diagram and picture to the right). The Hot Tub is then wheeled out and loaded onto our vehicle.
After transportation, the Hot Tub is unloaded and wheeled into its new position in your garden.

What next?
You can opt to have your Hot Tub…

  • Simply located in your garden
  • Located and filled, or
  • Located, filled, set up and serviced.

Make Sure you have prepared for your Hot Tub move.  Click below to see our Installation details to help you get your Hot Tub up and running without delay or fuss

Make sure you know what the electrical requirements are before you move your Spa. Click below for more details.

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