Make the most of your Hot Tub Experience outdoors 365 days of the year, dodge the rain or shade from the sun.  

Here at Aqua Hot Tubs, we have partnered with The Lapa Company to provide 3.8 and 4.2 metre Hot Tub Gazebos, see the models below. 

The simple, elegant design of the African Spa Gazebo not only creates privacy for your hot tub or spa but also creates a stunning focal point in any garden. Manufactured from the highest quality machined timber and featuring a unique thatched roof, it is large enough to cover the biggest spas. The thatch roofing system is easy to install and means that the gazebo can be supplied fully assembled or in kit form for self-assembly.

We can also provide accompanying accessories for your Gazebo, add a bar to create the perfect social occasion!

Or speak to our friends at Quality Garden Buildings about their custom configurable gazebos and log cabins, especially great for swim spas, saunas and steam rooms.

Want to purchase a Gazebo or Gazebo and Hot Tub and would like help with the finance? See our Finance Options here

3.8m Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo

A 3.8m diameter Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo that accommodates hot tubs up to 2150mm x 2150mm.

3.8m Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo Kit £3,050
3.8m Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo delivered and installed £3,750

4.2m Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo

4.2m diameter Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo accommodates spas up to 2650mm x 2650mm

4.2m Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo Kit £3,345
4.2m Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo delivered and installed £4,150

Lapa Hot Tub Gazebo Accessories

Bar Stool and Kit

Designed specifically for our Spa Gazebo range, this fun addition brings an added element to your Spa. Attached to one side of the shelter at the top of the balustrades, both the bar and stools are constructed in our own workshop and stained to match the structure you are purchasing. Suitable for all building sizes within our Spa range.

Roof Canvas

Simple to fit and secure even after building installation, Lapa’s roof linings are made from the same colour-stable UV resistant cloth as our other canvas items and will add to the water tightness of your gazebo. This material is the most colour-stable cloth available and each item includes a 5 year manufacturers warranty. Roof Linings are ideal for those who don’t wish to see the internal structure of their building and offer a unique opportunity to personalise the inside of your garden building. Available to fit most of our thatch tile structures; Shelter Kits, Spa Gazebos, Classic Gazebos and Contemporary Gazebos. Please note the Roof Linings will only fit The Lapa Company designed garden buildings.

Side Canvas

Lapa’s canvas side panels are made from the most colour-stable cloth available with the highest UV resistance. They are secured using marine grade turnbuckles ensuring the canvas does not move around when in an unrolled position. These simple but effective fastenings ensure the panels can easily be secured up or down. The panels add a stylish touch to your design that can be personalised by a choice of over 30 colours and provide added shelter from the elements. Each canvas item includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available to fit the entire range of Spa Gazebos. Please note canvas panels over 1100mm wide will have a seam.

There are over 30 different colours available for the Canvas Roof and Side panels, click here to view…