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Chemicals & Accessories

Suppliers of


Chemicals & Accessories

Suppliers of


Chemicals & Accessories

Wellis Accessories.

Aqua Hot Tubs can supply all your needs to accessorise your Wellis hot tub or swim spa.  From a handy towel rail to all the chemicals needed to keep your tub clean and sparkling.  Throw in some aromatherapy oils to make your spa experience complete.

Browse our accessories below.  Not sure what you need or an item is not listed then come and visit us at our showrooms.  Or give us a call on 0118 940 6002 or 01895 347915.

Don’t forget you can order some accessories online and we will deliver your accessories to your door.

Wellis Accessories at Aqua Hot Tubs
Entry Steps

With its wide tread of 90 cm and its weight capacity of more than 300 kg, the SmartStep is the best of the best for square and round spas alike. Slip-resistant rubber surface is soft to the feet made from ultra-strong construction with a weight capacity of more than 300 kg.  The UV-resistant injection-moulded plastic for years of rich colour.

Side tray 

A convenient place for spa users to put cell phones, beverages and more. The SpaCaddy tray is sturdy and versatile and offers the perfect solution to an age-old problem for spa users: Where can I put my stuff? Now all of these items: snacks, drinks, reading materials, cell phones, glasses and more, can be placed easily within reach.

Easy cover lifter 

The Hot tub thermal cover can be heavy. Protect it and your back by choosing a Wellis cover lifter. This simple to use accessory allows only one person to remove and replace the Hot tub cover easily and safely

Understyle Easy Cover Lifter

A bottom mounted cover lifter made of black powder-coated aluminium. Fits spas up to 8′ requiring 16″ to 18″ clearance and requires no screwing into the spa to fit. Allows one person to easily open and close cover

Spa Wand 

No matter how careful you are getting into your spa, some debris will always find its way into the water and sink to the bottom. Rather than wasting time and draining the water of your spa to clean it, grab your hand-held, portable Spa Wand and vacuum away the unwanted debris. Built with interchangeable nozzles, spa wands have the capacity to easily clean all spa surfaces at varying depths.

In.Clear Automatic water treatment system 

The In.Clear water treatment system offers a smart, simple and economic solution that keeps your spa water safe, crystal clear and wonderfully pleasant for a whole year between water changes.

Thermo cover

Wellis high quality Thermo covers are an important feature of your spa, designed to keep the heat in and your energy costs down.  Available in Chocolate Brown, Sand Beige, Marine Blue, Dark Grey or Snow White to compliment our choice of cabinet shades. Sizes available;

200 x 200cm
212 x 212cm
218 x 218cm
230 x 230cm
236 x 236cm

Hand Rails 

The combination of water and slick surfaces makes every spa a potential hazard. That is why you have to have a Wellis SpaRail. Regardless of the age of the spa user, the  SpaRail offers a safe and convenient way to get in and out of the spa.

Spa Umbrella

This stylish umbrella lets you enjoy your spas regardless of the elements. You are well covered rain or shine. Powder-coated aluminium construction and fade-resistant material make this superior umbrella both durable and stylish for years to come. Call 0118 940 6002 for stock

Towel Bar 

The smart and convenient way to keep towels dry and nearby. The towel bar is one of those deceptively simple ideas that make all the difference. Holds towels just a short distance away from splashing water and steam. When not in use, it folds flat against the spa. Made from black powder-coated aluminium and folds flat against the spa when not in use. Installs within minutes on virtually any spa and holds multiple towels.

Scandinavian insulation

For extreme climates, we offer the option of our “Scandinavian” insulation. This has a much higher insulation rating with triple layer Polyfoam panels and additional under spa rim and floor pan insulation. Only recommended for extreme sub-zero temperatures and not for more temperate climates. Key: 1. Polyurethane spa rim insulation. 2. 3,5 cm thick polyfoam insulation between spa cabinet and floor pan 3. 3,5 cm thick polyfoam spa cabinet insulation. £250

Spa Bag 

The Wellis Spa Bag provides protection from the weather, so keeping your Wellis spa in great condition between uses, particularly when away on holidays etc. The Spa Bag will help reduce electricity costs even further during the colder winter months.

Wellis SmartPhone remote application

With this app, you can ensure that your hot tub will be ready whenever you want to take a dip. Instead of going outside and pressing buttons on the topside panel, the app lets you start the tub and change settings from your smartphone or tablet. £250

Wooden spa step grey

Easy access in and out of your spa is guaranteed with our convenient spa steps.

Wellis stair rail

Stainless steel railing. Two-legged, stable design. Can be fixed on the ground with 2×4 screws.


The Beauty of OXYGEN THERAPY™ • Blankets your body with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles • Gives your skin silky feeling Moisturizing and cleansing at the same time • Microbubbles enter pores and lift away impurities • Plumps and hydrates the skin • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Wellis Vario PODS

A brand new technology from Wellis that brings physical massage into your spa. Imagine the fingers of your very own massage therapist pressing on your back. Very similar to the effect from a massage chair, these pods are not water jets but moving massage pods that provide a physical shiatsu type massage to the deeper tissues of the back. Massage programs and intensities can be selected from a convenient touch panel and controlled independently from the hydro jets.

Buffer tank 1000l

For use with the Acopulco Deep-in Hot Tub

Wellis MyLine/Therapy Spa Filters

For current MyLine models (Sun, Sun Family, Mars, Titan, Earth, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn) as well as previous Malaga Plug & Play, New Yorker and Palermo tubs.

Wellis PeakLine Filters

For all 2018 PeakLine models (Olympus, EveRest, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus 230, Discovery and Explorer) as well as older versions of these Hot Tubs

Wellis CityLine Filters

For all 2018 CityLine models (Malaga, Palermo, Elbrus, Marbella, Manhattan and Acapulco)

Aromatherapy refills

Aromatic therapy fragrances and volatile oils are used for pampering the soul and body. Fragrances affect the limbic system thus they can be used for treating psychological problems as well. The main purpose of aromatic therapy is to purify and revive the body and soul.  The elements of this therapy include inhalation, as well as bathing and massage combined with aromatic therapy. You can enjoy the joint effects of the above treatments in your Wellis spa, adding the power of your favourite fragrances to the hydrotherapic experience, which is sure to result in a better mood – Your holiday at home.  Available in Summer Orchard, Piña colada, Eucalyptus

Insulated Spa Bag

Wellis Insulated Spa Bag is constructed from thicker material to give superior insulation to your Wellis hot tub by preventing cold air from entering the cabinet and heat leaving the spa. Will also prolong the life of your Thermal Cover

Sand filter set for commercial use

Sand filter set for commercial use (16 m³/hour) (sand filter+circulation pump)