Accessories for Wellis Hot Tubs and Swimspas from Aqua Hot Tubs

ONLY £99

The combination of water and slick surfaces makes every spa a potential hazard. Regardless of the age of the spa user, the SpaGrip offers a safe and convenient way to get in and out of the spa.

  • - Slip-resistant rubber surface
  • - Ultra-sturdy, rust-free construction
  • - Can be mounted on virtually any above-ground spa
  • - Anti-slip, black foam grip

Spa Umbrella
ONLY £999

Our Hot Tub Umbrella is a 9-foot hexagon that provides beautiful shade for your Hot Tub.
The umbrella canopy is made of durable OlefinT fabric that is colourfast and will last for many seasons. The spa umbrella swivels 360°, so you can swing it out of the way or around to shade nearby table and chairs when not being used by the spa. The built-in crank allows you to open and close the canopy with ease.

Spaziano tray
ONLY £99

A convenient place for spa users to put cell phones, beverages and more.
The Spaziano rotating tray is sturdy and versatile and offers the perfect solution to an age-old problem for spa users: Where can I put my stuff?
Now all of these items: snacks, drinks, reading materials, cell phones, glasses and more, can be placed easily within reach.

ONLY £119

With its wide tread of 90 cm and its weight capacity of more than 300 kg, the WellisStep is the best of the best for square and round tubs alike.

  • - Slip-resistant rubber surface
  • - Snaps together in seconds
  • - Stylish design
  • - Ultra-strong construction: weight capacity of over 300 kg
  • - UV-resistant injection-moulded plastic for years of rich colour

ONLY £39

The TowelBar is one of those deceptively simple ideas that makes all the difference. Holds towels just a short distance away from splashing water and steam. When not in use, it folds flat against the spa.

  • - Black powder-coated aluminium
  • - Folds flat when not in use
  • - Can be mounted on virtually any above-ground spa
  • - Installs within minutes on virtually any spa

Spa Wand
ONLY £119

Spa Wand will clean your spa, pool steps, swim-outs, and other small bodies of water, without hoses or hookups. Perfect for those quick touch-up cleanings on pool steps, swim-outs and spas. Just a few hand powered strokes and debris is sucked into a built-in filter basket for easy removal. No hoses or electricity required. Comes complete with interchangeable nozzles especially designed to clean all debris from floors, steps, and the water surface.

Floor Mount Handrail
ONLY £399

  • - Stainless steel unit
  • - Floor mounted unit means NO DRILLING of spa cabinet & easy installation
  • - Strong steel construction with stainless hardware - not flimsy aluminium
  • - Long lasting and professional looking
  • - Safely enter and exit your hot tub

Wooden Step
ONLY £99

Easy access in and out of your spa is guaranteed with our convenient spa steps. Available in two colours to match our cabinet colours.

Available colours:
Grey / Modena

Lamp to UV-C
ONLY £59

UV light's powerful disinfection breaks the vicious cycle of hot tub chemicals. UV light disinfection destroys more than 99.5% of pathogens that may enter your hot tub or spa. UV does the heavy lifting that lowers chemical demand up to 90%. Micro organisms, chloramines and other toxic disinfection by-products are safely eliminated.To ensure the continued safe running of your hot tub we recommend that the bulbs are replaced every 12 months.

Aromatic Cartridge
ONLY £10

The benefits of inhaling the aroma of distilled essential oils has been known about for many centuries. WELLIS have taken this ancient art right up to date with our exclusive metered cartridge system of resealable essential oils cartridges and our built-in dispensing system that delivers exceptional effectiveness for any in-spa aromatherapy system. When combined with the WELLIS bubbler system the aromatic scents can enhance your mood, and aid deep relaxation. Smells are one of our most evocative senses, triggering memories and changing perceptions.

Essential oil
ONLY £19

Aromatic therapy fragrances and volatile oils are used for pampering the soul and body. Fragrances affect the limbic system, i.e. our emotional world thus they can be used for treating psychological problems as well. The main purpose of aromatic therapy is to purify and revive the body and soul. The elements of this therapy include inhalation, as well as bathing and massage combined with aromatic therapy. You can enjoy the joint effects of the above treatments in your WELLIS spa, adding the power of your favourite fragrances to the hydrotherapic experience, which is sure to result in a better mood – Your holiday at home.

Sodium-Bromide 2.2 kg
ONLY £99

  • - Bromine destroys waterborne bacteria.

  • - Bromine destroys algae in water (e.g. Black, Green, Mustard).

  • - Bromine swiftly eliminates the presence of organic matter left behind by spa users (oil, sweat, dead skin cells).

  • - Because bromine doesn’t contain calcium, it can be used to sanitize hard water without increasing the calcium hardness.

Filter (Therapy Spas)
ONLY £39

While you relax, body oils and other contaminants are removed by large capacity cartridge filters that ensure 100% filtration of the water many times each day. For simple system maintenance filters can be easily taken out and replaced. Filter cartridge is suitable for the following spas: Malaga, New Yorker, Palermo

Filter (Wellis)
ONLY £45

While you relax, body oils and other contaminants are removed by large capacity cartridge filters that ensure 100% filtration of the water many times each day. For simple system maintenance filters can be easily taken out and replaced. Our spa water filter uses a Microban filter media to prevent microbial growth. Filter cartridge (small) is suitable for the following spas: Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Everest

Crystal treatment
ONLY £69

Wellis crystal is an environmentally friendly water care system that can be used in your spa or hot tub. Wellis crystal will help you to keep the water in your spa clean,in a safe,simple and effective way. With only one weekly treatment Wellis crystal will help you prevent calcium deposits in your system. Wellis crystal will loosen and remove existing calcium deposits. These calcium deposits are the medium where bacteria and other micro-organisms grow. The ozone or UV-system already in your spa will do the rest. It will destroy the bacteria and disinfect the water, with extraordinary results.

Crystal Filter Cleaner
ONLY £19

For crystal clear jacuzzi water, clean your pool's filter once a week Wellis Crystal Filter Cleaner

Usage instructions:
1. Take the filter out of your hot tub filter housing.
2. Pour two scoops of filter cleaner onto the filter.
3. Place the filter into a bucket or a filter cleaner tube.
4. Fill the bucket with 10 litres of hot water.
5. Leave the filter in there far 1 to 1.5 hour(s). (Turn the filter around every once in a while).
6. Rinse the filter in a water jet and reinstall it in the hot tub.

ONLY £999

Description: Heat Pump - 4500 W (Phnix)
Weight: 48 kg,
Temperature: ~ 50 C°,
Voltage: 230V~/50Hz,
Current: 5 A,
Water flow volume: 1.5 m3/h,
RPM: 850 Weight: 12kg

Water Softener
ONLY £99

NOW YOU CAN STOP SCALE AND HARD WATER RIGHT FROM THE START! Yes by simply filling your spa or hot tub via this plug in treatment unit you can remove the calcium in water before you start! A special Ion exchange formula inside will remove calcium and magnesium and replace it with nice soft sodium instead. Just like a household water softener! Safe for use with all spa treatments and sanitisers. Can be used 6 -8 times for up to 2 years - So great value for money! Eliminates Calcium from tap water before entering your spa!

Filter Cleaner
ONLY £159

Description: Spa filter cleaning system
Our new spa filter cleaning system is a unique patented filter cleaning system, designed to clean whirlpool and hot tub filters to perfection in just a flash.
Weight: 2kg

Spa Bag
ONLY £199

Wellis Spa Bag adds extra insulation to your Wellis hot tub by preventing cold air from entering the cabinet and heat leaving the spa. Will also prolong the life of your Thermal Cover

Insulated Spa Bag
ONLY £279

Wellis Insulated Spa Bag is constructed from thicker material to give superior insulation to your Wellis hot tub by preventing cold air from entering the cabinet and heat leaving the spa. Will also prolong the life of your Thermal Cover

Thermo Cover
FROM £399

Our high quality Thermo covers are an important feature of your spa, designed to keep the heat in and your energy costs down. Available in two colours to compliment our choice of cabinet shades.

Cover Lifter
ONLY £180

The Wellis universal cover lifter makes removing and replacing your cover so easy – also helps to protect it from damage. You can use it for standard and Xtreme™ thermo cover.