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Below are some frequently asked questions to aid in your decision making.
Q   I don't have room in my house for a hot tub
  Our hot tubs are portable and intended for outdoor use in gardens all year round, they can be placed in a conservatory or a garden room or summer house. We can also arrange purpose built enclosures or gazebos, such as our Lapa thatch gazebo on display.
Q   I do not have a side access to my back garden
A   We usually do a site survey to check delivery options.  Sometimes fence panels can be removed  or a crane arranged to position the spa. Smaller spas especially those in the Therapy Spas range might be delivered through the house as the lower profile means they fit through standard doorways. Call us on  0118 940 6002 and one of our staff can come and give you a free, no obligation site survey.
Q   Where can I place my hot tub?
A   A solid base is preferable depending on the spa weight, water capacity and bather load. Wellis recommend 4-5 inches of concrete for the base. Decking is a good option but should be built solidly. We can recommend Oscar Sly Landscapes (Tel: 07930 376543) and can show you references in the local area of work done.

Smaller  hot tubs will happily sit on most patios. Placing directly on grass or soil is not idea due to the possibility of land movement.

Q  Do you offer any solution for people with disability to enter a hot tub?

A  Yes, we have a comprehensive range of hoists for lifting people in to and out of a hot tub.

Q  What services are needed for a hot tub?
A   All that is required is proximity to an electrical supply which depends on which spa you prefer.  Wellis and Villeroy & Boch hot tubs need to be hard wired into your consumer unit and will be rated at 20 amps for a 2 pump model or 32 amps for a 3 pump model. We can recommend a local electrician, Jon (tel:07503 512956). Hot tubs are filled by garden hose. When planning position a nearby drain can also be useful.
Q   Some replacement filters seem expensive?
A   As with many other products there are many on the market from many manufacturers and locations. Whilst sometimes there are genuine deals to be had some filters are copied to do the job but may not have the same pleat count, construction or material quality.  A poor quality filter will need replacing more frequently and may degrade risking damage to pumps.
 Filters of the wrong size or consistency can also effect water flow causing damage to the circulating pump. Original filters work better(not copies from China) and have Microban embedded in them to add the self-cleaning nature of our hot tubs.  Beware unlabelled, uncoded or unknown filter brands. 


Q   Are all chemicals equal?
A   You cannot compromise or cut corners when it comes to the safety of the chemicals you use in your spa or pool.  Again  choosing a chemical range from a reputable manufacturer ensures the purity is reliable and thus the quantities required economical. Some chemicals also have shorter shelf lives so a reputable retailer will ensure fresh supplies.
A company that puts its name to a chemical range will ensure the percentage of active ingredient is accurate.  Also by selecting products from within the same range you can trust they will work together and not impair the effectiveness of another treatment. A reputable company incurs costs in testing, quality control, packaging and transportation for overall   safety.  Beware unbranded or 'own brand' or even split quantity product lacking the original warnings, instructions and date coding. Bayrol (Bioguard, Spaguard, Sunspot) Fi-clor/Arch, Plastica (Relax), Aqua Finesse are recognised brands. 
As many chemicals are oxidisers and can cause reactions when mixed certain carriers will not knowingly transport them.    
 Couriers have to have the correct paperwork for chemical transportation.
Q   How hot can I have my hot tub?
A   40'C is the maximum manufacturers temperature, above this can be dangerous causing hyperthermia.
Most people find 36'-38' ideal. Children and older people need to take care not to become overheated as they are less able to monitor or control their body temperatures.                                
 Designed for all year round use a hot steamy spa in the autumn or winter is very relaxing, during hot summer days the temperature can be reduced to provide a refreshing massage cool down.
Q   How often should I empty a spa and how easy is it to empty?
A   Depending on the amount of use on average water can stay in the spa for up to 4 months. It is personal choice whether to empty after heavy partying.  Correct chemical balancing and shock treatments should mean the water is perfectly safe for prolonged use. Regular water testing and chemical level  adjustments will ensure the water sanitizer and pH keeps the water clear.
Emptying depends on the model's features. Wellis Spas have built-in drainage systems. Some users find a submersible pump quickly empties a spa.
Q   How long should a hot tub last?
A   A spa is a wonderful feature for any garden and the water therapy benefits many. A spa should be an investment which treated well should last many years. Construction and warranties vary therefore always aim for the best materials and manufacture. Hard water area customers need to treat against limescale. All hot tub filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  
In choosing our product ranges we selected solid constructions with mould-resistant frames/composite and genuine parts.
Q   How is the water heated and kept warm?
  Water is pumped through a heater element within the spa casing then back into the spa via the jets. Some spas will allow you to select a minimum temperature to maintain the water at, which can then be increased when required.
A well designed and insulated hot tub with a quality insulated cover will ensure the water retains its warmth for as long as possible periodically circulating the water. It is important to keep the spa covered when not in use to save heating the garden....Also using a spa descaler in hard water areas will prolong the life and efficiency of the heater elements.
Why should I buy a Wellis or Villeroy & Boch hot tub? I have seen cheaper.
A  We offer spas in all price ranges. Price differences depend on the construction, sizing and jet complexity.  If a spa seems to offer a lot for a little you need to ask the questions about authenticity and quality as you need it to last more than a couple of months. Are the shell, cabinet, controls and jets spa quality, are the pumps powerful enough or too powerful as they are not intended for UK domestic electricity supply. Will running your washing machine and spa cause a black out? Will having your jets running mean another person cannot? Is the supplier offering a 'fire sale' and once you have the spa will they disappear and leave you with maintenance and warranty issues?  Is the spa all it seems or is it a old demonstration model in disguise?
Our Therapy Spas are robust bargain entry level spas ideal for families and those with restrictions on access as most fit through a normal doorway. Hard foam insulation, thick acrylic are used in construction and well insulated with above average yet effective jets and quality Balboa electronics.
So why a Wellis Highline?  These are the only spas to feature Composite frames - so no wood, Noise Reduction due to the thickness of the shell, multiple pumps, Self Cleaning Microban filtration, Heated silent blower motor, UV sanitisation, and Massage Sequencer etc.  All with quality controls and pumping to ensure all seating receives equal power and with 90% of the plumbing within the spa water itself the spa is well insulated and very economic to run. Optional media systems are available from an iPod/USB docking station for audio, to a WiFi connected touchpad.
Q  Can I get a new cover for my hot tub?
A  Old covers can weather and crack and take in rainwater ultimately making the cover very heavy and hard to move. We can supply replacement covers for hot tubs given make/model and/or measurements.  Our supplier only uses quality thick firm foam insulation and marine quality vinyl to withstand varying weather conditions.  

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Area of coverage: Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and South Bucks
We provide full service to cover Bucks, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Wiltshire. eg. Windsor, Iver, Datchet, Eton, Wraysbury, Sunninghill, Sunningdale, Winkfield, Ascot, Didcot, Englefield Green, Binfield, Bracknell, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Warfield, Wargrave, Wallingford, Hare Hatch, Egham, Staines, Chertsey, Windlesham, Virginia Water, Wentworth, Farnham Common, Gerrards Cross, Slough,  Taplow, Maidenhead, Twyford, Reading, Dorney, Holyport, Oakley Green, Marlow, Cookham, Bourne End, Denham, Fulmer, Stoke Poges, Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Heathrow, Hurley, Hayes, Pingewood, Tadley, Thatcham, Newbury, Theale, West Drayton, Pangbourne, Northwood, Chorleywood, Moor Park, Lightwater, Ruislip, Northolt, Harrow, Pinner, Eastcote, Ealing, Ickenham, Amersham, Chesham, Great Missenden, Beaconsfield, High Wycombe, Stokenchurch, Sonning, Caversham, Henley on Thames, Wokingham, Crowthorne, Earley, Woodley, Earley, Winnersh, Basingstoke, Fleet, Bagshot, Camberley, Farnborough, Thame, Oxford, Bray, Richmond, and London. Wiltshire (Trowbridge, Salisbury, Swindon, Chippenham, Devizes, Marlborough, Warminster)

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