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Aquafinesse sold by Aqua Hot Tubs Reading, Berkshire

Pick up from Reading, Berkshire or Iver, Bucks

Aquafinesse - The Future of Water Treatment is Here!
  • Soft, Fragrant, Clean Hot Tub Water
  • No More Chlorine In Your Hot Tub
  • You Only Have To Spend 10 Minutes A Week Treating Your Hot Tub


People who use AquaFinesse™ undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience and they’d like to share it with you!

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Dear AquaFinesse team,

Thank you for providing me with more aquafinesse for the hot tub...I have to say its been a more testing the water/no chlorine stench/much more pleasant spa environment/and minimal input with only x1 weekly treatment. My wife and I are absolutely delighted with the product.

Dr. Nick Dansie

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Dear AquaFinesse,

Thanks to you and your team for helping me kick the bromine habit in my spa. When I purchased my spa in May of 2002, it was a floor sample 2001 model. The sales people recommended using bromine and other supportive chemicals in maintaining purification of my spa.   But after I experienced bromine, I started researching water care alternatives because I wanted to rid my spa of harsh chemicals and improve the spa's longevity and maintenance.

During the AquaFinesse reconditioning period, it was worth the effort to change and/or clean filters daily. I was amazed at the amounts of chemical break down that took place over the following weeks. Even though the water was a little cloudy, it wasn't harmful and I was able to use the spa during the entire time.    What I noticed immediately was the wonderful difference of the Aqua Finesse product.   My spa water felt so smooth, soft and clean without any offensive odor.

Now my water is always crystal clear, squeaky clean and odor free! Maintenance is extremely low and easy-just rinse the filter every 7 days, add Aqua Finesse once a week and drain spa when necessary. It just could not be any easier! Again, my wife and I thank you for getting us off the harsh chemical water maintenance and onto the pure pleasure of the refreshing Aqua Finesse System.

Roger Olson
Irvine, CA

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