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Aquafinesse sold by Aqua Hot Tubs Reading, Berkshire


Pick up from Ladds Garden Village,Reading, Berkshire or Smiths Garden Centre,Uxbridge

Located: Ladds Garden Village, Bath Rd, Hare Hatch, Reading, Berkshire RG10 9SB


Aquafinesse - The Future of Water Treatment is Here!
  • Soft, Fragrant, Clean Hot Tub Water
  • No More Chlorine In Your Hot Tub
  • You Only Have To Spend 10 Minutes A Week Treating Your Hot Tub



AquaFinesse ™ is a completely different spa maintenance alternative to chlorine.  

We provide clean, clear and odour-free water with only one dose per week! AquaFinesse™ also softens hot tub water by eliminating calcium and scale build-up from the tub's equipment. Our product not only makes your life easier, it also extends the lifetime of your hot tub up to three times longer than with the use of traditional sanitizers!

Aquafinesse at Aqua Hot Tubs

When used in combination with a good working ozone or silver ion system, no additional sanitizers are needed. However, the National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI) recommends that hot tub owners maintain a minimum level of 1.5-ppm chlorine in the spa water. To meet these standards, we strongly suggest using the provided sanitizing tablets as directed in the slow-release dispenser. Soon, your water will be in the best shape of its life-no pH products, clarifiers or additional chemicals needed!  



Drain hot tub completely. Run garden hose for 60 seconds before filling the tub with fresh tap water.


Shake the bottle of AquaFinesse™ to mix the solution.
Pour the correct amount of AquaFinesse™ (as indicated on the bottle) into the water. Do NOT overdose.


Turn on jets for a minimum of 2 minutes to activate the AquaFinesse™ water care system.


Place (1) sanitizing tablet in the slow-release dispenser, close cap, fill with water and place on top of filter (or basket).
Check dispenser every week to make sure tablets are still intact. For tubs with functioning ozone or silver ion systems, the use of sanitizing tablets may not be required.  


Repeat steps 2-4 on a set day every week.   


Clean the filter once a week to ensure total sanitation.

7. Ensure your ozone system is working properly. Perform regular maintenance of your ozone system and consult your dealer if you think it needs repair.  

Aquafinesse Filter Cleaner

aquafinesse filter cleanerAquafinesse 1 hour filter cleaning tablets.

Quick effective and easy to use - place 2 tablets into a bucket of clean warm water submerge the filter or filters, leave for one hour, just watch the fizz do the work. Rinse the filters well before refitting them into your hot tub or spa.

The pack contains 20 tablets, these are suitable for cleaning filters which have been used with any water treatment including chlorine and bromine.

Make your life easier and your filters cleaner

 Aquafinesse Filter Cleaner

  • £20.49 

Located: Ladds Garden Village, Bath Rd, Hare Hatch, Reading, Berkshire RG10 9SB

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